About us


The CTAE Showcase started as a desire of the leadership of STEAM TEAMS Academics and Dekalb Agriculture, Technology & Environment, INC to showcase to the community and school body the works of students in D.A.T.E’s CTAE middle school program. The first annual CTAE Showcase was held at D.A.T.E on December 5th, 2019 and was a resounding success, bringing parents, community leaders and local media to the school to experience student-led presentations.



Our mission is to create an outlet for students involved or interested in CTAE and STEAM to develop and showcase their skills and products. We aim to expose the youth to careers and entrepreneurial opportunities in growing industries where the demand outweighs the supply of qualified professionals.




I have a bachelor’s degree in Video Game Design and Development. When I entered college in those days, 2D animation was my dream. Suddenly a few years later 2D animation classes were cut from the program. To continue my dream of animation, I re-enrolled into the game design program, to continue my animation dream under my amazing professors Ola Gardner and her husband Joe.  Fast forward some years later, after all the lessons, molding and teachings and I got my 1st job doing VFX work for the Titanic Movie, which was brought out in 3D at the time. During that time I was introduced to the movie side of things. After the Titanic job I went into doing contract work including 3D freelance  work for Who’s America’s Next Rap Star, in which I created 2D/3D graphics and prototypes. I also got into the Indie film side of things here in Atlanta, working on Atlanta Heat 2, one as a PA, and secondly making the title trailer for their movie at the time. After that I worked as a PA on David Banner’s Walking with the Gods. This connected me with Charles West who was a DP, Director, and an artist in his craft. He would later add  me to more projects with David Banner’s music video and a commercial with Dr. Juice Cleanse, in which I provided the graphics and animations. This aligned me to working and helping CW Studios animation department rise to heights. I worked on the project Nubbin and Friends, which got me introduced to the Hollywood side of the industry, working with celebrates like Jasmine Guy and Loretta Devine among others.


Atlanta, GA


Animation is hand drawn or digital content that provides stories, movements or eye-catching scenarios. Animation has a wide range of content that can consist of Motion Graphics, Storyboards, Stop-Motion or Feature Length Films just to name a few. Most animation projects will have students original projects based on assignments in video format.

I  love cooking and my favorite foods include hot wings and pizza. I also enjoy playing board games with my daughter, video games, bowling, fishing, watching movies, reading comics and manga, drawing and being creative.


 I have a B.A. Degree in Media Arts/Communication Arts from Johnson C. Smith University. I entered JCSU wanting to become an on-air radio personality/producer. The radio program was cut as soon as I got to school. My first two years I dabbled in Marketing and Biology; until I met my former Professor now Mentor, Cara Deleone. Cara introduced me into the abstract world of video production and the structured world of video production. Both fueled a passion I never knew I had while creating a different narrative with a camera and on a computer screen. While in college, I took Photography courses to sharpen my skills while learning to be a camera operator and assist on creative flow for video editing. After finishing college, I received a brief internship with TYLER PERRY STUDIOS, INC in Atlanta, GA. From then on I worked PA roles for BAD BOY South, BIG OOMP RECORDS, other recording companies located in Atlanta. After freelancing for quite some time. My wife and I decided to form a digital media company to cater to local talent, small businesses and some ongoing events in Metro Atlanta Area. My wifes’ background is in television broadcasting which complemented my entertainment industry experience. We formed Gorilla and Jane Media Services, LLC.


Atlanta, GA


CTAE SHOWCASE is a great experience for our scholars; they get a chance to showcase their digital media knowledge and creativity. I cannot wait to see their full creativity on display for the world to see. Our scholars have an amazing mindset and perception that I enjoy and I am excited for them to show everyone else.

I am an avid reader, conversationalist and comedian. My favorite foods include sushi, veggie tacos and lemon-pepper wings. I enjoy going to museums, riding scooters throughout the city/beltline, wine tasting, art showcases, movies and playing pool.



Brendon L.A.


Brendon L. A. Barclay (BLA) is veteran educator with 20 plus years of experience. He holds a B.A. degree in Psychology from Morehouse College with practicum experience at Wediko Children’s Services (Boston) and the Marcus Institute (Atlanta). BLA’s most recent experiences include Outdoor Education Instructor at Spelman College and Outdoor School Instructor for REI; the industry leading outdoor retailer. BLA began as founding director of Sustaining Urban Villages Inc. (SUV) providing Team Building/facilitation, Environmental Education, and Service Learning. SUV’s projects included many client partnerships: The Dekalb County School System, The National Wildlife Federation, AmeriCorps Alums, Hands On Atlanta/Network and Disney Parks’; “Give A Day Get a Disney Day” and more. SUV developed support for urban forestry, via grants, programming, and volunteers/staff/interns for the City of Atlanta’s OAC. The SUV/OAC project implemented a student technology transfer to conduct a sample census of the OAC urban forest to sustain 30 acres which is currently protected because of this work. As an AmeriCorps Alumni BLA was featured in a national TV commercial campaign promoting civic engagement titled “Be The Change.” The Oprah Winfrey Network, commercial series, spotlighted BLA on Future Friendly Initiatives sponsored by P&G on OWN. In 2011 he became an honoree of the Champion of Inspiration award from the Points of Light Institute. In 2012-13 he served the Federal Advisory Committee Member on the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps, US Department of the Interior. In 2017 he was the Mentoring Award recipient of the National Wildlife Federation’s Earth Tomorrow Program. In 2020 as the graduation coach for Positive Growth Inc.; home for boys, BLA coached a senior high school student through the Dekalb County Schools Technology Fair. That student won first place with a graphic media photography collage titled Boys Just Wanna Have Fun: Portraits in Resilience and graduated earning his high school diploma. BLA joined STEAM Teams in 2020 and serves as the Educational Liaison for the program to support students, parents, faculty and administration with STEAM Team academic services.

Chicago, Illinois

I’m Black and I Kayak! Pun intended. Grapefruit, cranberries, and tuna are my favorite foods. I coached a student through the Dekalb County Technology Fair who won first place in 2020, before the fair he’d lost interest in school but he went on from winning the fair to graduating with his Diploma.

I  love cooking and my favorite foods include hot wings and pizza. I also enjoy playing board games with my daughter, video games, bowling, fishing, watching movies, reading comics and manga, drawing and being creative.